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Ease of Use:

This app features a custom time setter that allows you to set the alarm time with three taps, which is perfect for catnaps, or setting the alarm when you are bone tired at bedtime.








Arise offers a unique “MagicMenu” that is displayed only when needed and gets you where you want to go in the app quickly.  Press and hold to show it, then tap to navigate.  Once you remember where the menu buttons are, you can simply tap without having the menu displayed.


You can customize your wake-up experience by having the alarm volume increase from zero (or whatever starting volume you choose) with logarithmic volume mapping for silky-smooth fade-ins.  Alarm patterns can also be customized; for example, you could have gong sounds five minutes apart, then increasing in frequency (a progressive alarm), or have an alarm that plays for two minutes and “auto-snoozes” for five minutes.  With Arise, you have the ability to create combinations of sounds, volume control, and patterns, and save the combinations as named “profiles” that you can reuse.

Snooze settings are also fine-grained, and you can set a maximum snooze time to prevent you from sleeping through an important meeting.

Arise has a total of eight alarms—one “floating” alarm that you can set at any time on any day, and dedicated alarms for each day of the week.  All of the alarms can be viewed at once on a single screen.



You have a choice of two attractive clock faces, each rendered as near-photorealistic 3D digital displays with large, easy-to-read numerals.  The date and day of the week are also displayed.  The alarm time is shown on the clock face so you can be sure that the alarm is set.  The clock faces are tailored for both portrait and landscape orientations, and operate in either 12-hour or 24-hour format.  Arise makes a beautiful desk clock, especially in landscape mode.

Sleep Mode:

Drift off to sleep to one of the 11 sleep loops provided with the app, or to music from your iPod library.  Sleep loops are between two and eleven minutes long, with the beginnings and endings seamlessly blended so there is no obvious point at which the sound repeats to jar you awake.  You can also take advantage of a volume fade-out option that lets you select when to start fading and how long it will take to fade out.  We’ve put sleep controls right on the clock face to enable you to rewind, pause, change volume and exit sleep mode without changing screens.


All the included sounds for alarms and sleep loops are at least 192
Kbit/sec, and most are stereo. (You will need an external audio dock
to appreciate these benefits.)



Other features include:
  • Tutorial mode
  • Voice feedback when snoozing and turning off the alarm
  • Screen brightness control
  • Flashlight mode
iPod Music and Other Sounds:

Of course, you can wake up or fall asleep to music from your iPod library.  You can save songs or song groups and add them to your sound library, so that you can access them more quickly.  You can even download virtually any sound you find on the internet and use it through the iPod – we’ll show you how.



Show weather information or stock prices.  There are apps for those.

Integrate into nearly every aspect of your life.  It’s designed only to help you drift off to sleep and wake you up.

Have ANY social networking features.  (There goes our IPO.)

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